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        泰國ADDA (大型制鞋企業)

        作者:   深圳市嘉兆高科技有限公司點擊率:   3268發布時間:   2016-8-13 19:53:08

        合作客戶:ADDA FOOTWEAR (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.(泰國大型制鞋企業)


        Focusing on developing quality products On time delivery makes customers satisfy Use resources effectively

        ADDA has been researching and developing a formula for producing foam sheet, injection shoe sole, PVC shoe sole, PU shoe sole. It has been doing quality check on the material standard both chemical and physics property and quality of finished product such as bonding range. It not only inspects the production in order to ensure that it meets the standard but also sets a standard system for the production.

        ADDA is a brand of casual footwear which is perfectly suit all ages and sexes. Proven by the modern designs that care about any foot types, it is made specifically for various group of customers and your causal days

        Product design ADDA shoes are created from imagination and creativity of ADDA which is the expert in shoe designing. We have a product design team who creates ideas of shoe designing with understanding in foot types of the wearers and the weather in each area. Our graphic design team takes part in decorating the shoes to be more attractive and stylish. So ADDA is the footwear that has unique design and they are comfortable to wear.

        ADDA cares about environment in every stage of production which will make it become a green factory. We will develop effective use of resources and reduce pollution arising from production by using clean technology. We use technology to produce quality products which are environmental friendly. At the same time, ADDA had received several marks such as Thailand Trusted Quality, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and Code of Conduct. They are the symbols grantee that ADDA shoes are selected as the best quality products from Thailand.